About Stompers

Stompers Footwear, as a brand, came together in the spring of 2005. However, its history and heritage go back over 80 years with the Viberg Boot Manufacturing company.
Viberg Boot has been manufacturing all-leather work boots in the Victoria, BC, Canada factory since 1931. In 2005 we recognized a changing marketplace and sought to create designs and styles that reflected these emerging trends. We invested in our Stompers footwear line as a way to explore a variety of materials and construction techniques to bring an assortment of new styles to our clients. The focus of our products is driven by our desire to deliver The Stompers Commitment.
The Stompers Commitment to our customers is a premium work boot that delivers all day comfort with a versatile selection that meets the needs of the modern jobsite, designed by a company with over 80 years of experience in industrial footwear, and manufactured with leading edge materials and technologies.
Comfort. Versatility. Experience.
This is what we're committed to, this is what you can expect from us, in every pair of boots.
Make sore feet a memory. Stompers delivers all-day comfort so you can focus on what’s important. Lighter, drier and more flexible, Stompers will provide the support you need for a better work day.
Get the right tool for the job. Stompers offers eleven unique styles designed to fill a versatile range of needs in the modern workplace. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.
Reap the benefits of experience. Stompers are designed by Viberg, backed by over 85 years of experience manufacturing industrial footwear. We know what makes a boot great.